I'm back

2011-03-08 03:22:10 by angelkoh

I'm back!
well, not completely back, its just that i spare time to check messages and update my old accounts.

last 2 years, i went to college to take up Multimedia Arts, so far i was one of their best student. Unfortunately, due to my parents financial situations, i have to stop and help them to pay up their bills. As of now, i am trying to get up on my feet, but its been 2 months that i have wasted it and i have keep eating, sleeping and working back to my old temporary job. however, I'm trying to get myself into Advertising since i found it more interesting than being a lame secretary.

I guess i should take this as a college break and try to save up.... (but i can't because most of my salary is gone by the bills...*don't know if i should cry or laugh at this point*). hopefully, when i fix my portfolio and then get a permanent job, everything will turn out smoothly.

Anyway, enough with the drama and off to do projects.
I might be joining to this Abu Dhabi comic con, and expose some of my art stuff from college like paintings, 2d animation, film and photography to get some exposure. Hopefully, it'll help solve my parent's financial problems.

The problem for me is that Multimedia Arts have many opportunities, i know i can handle any field. its just i need to focus on one thing.. either Film Directing, Animating, Painting, Graphic designer, or be a creative director in advertising. College did helped me to try different kinds of fields, so far it gotten me more confused on which to focus on, there so many things i wanted to do yet so little time, and i am just confused on which field i should focus on. (come to think of it i haven't finish my college yet...)

Well, It seems "I Hate Valentines Day" is getting a little bit known out there. and i was thinking i should revise it for the next valentines day (hopefully, i can keep my word on that one).

For now, I'm trying to focus on my portfolio and updating my resume to get a permanent job.
Let's see how this year goes for me then...


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