i am still breathing

2010-05-23 15:41:01 by angelkoh

just wanted to keep everyone updated about my A studio flash - team mates.

we are still in touch, its just because i'm pretty busy with the college assignments and projects.
yes, i am back on track with my college, busy busy as a bumble bee.

I am still gathering some cartoonist, voice actors, musicians, story writers, flash animators within the group.

very sorry for not updating or uploading any flash. I'm trying to work with my time schedule, been pretty busy with the college life. hopefully, once i'm settled with my time management, i might be able to direct more animations or make more "i hate valentines day" series. I still got a lot of ideas in my head that i wanted to share for everyone to watch.

i really hope i will be free this year or at least on some semester break.

will see you around, drop a message if you want to join the group, the more we are the easy we work. :) the more the merrier.


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