Entry #1

Hey People

2008-04-13 14:26:17 by angelkoh

Sorry if i haven't been replying to any of your comments. its because that Newgrounds.com is block here in Abu Dhabi. which sucks, big time!

Most of my works are in angelkoh11.deviantart

I Don't claim that i'm a professional Flash Animator, what i've been doing is for fun and just to keep me going to reach my goal.

so far, My work with Painaholic.deviantart the "Beggar's Last christmas" was our first time doing a collab animation.

yet, we tried to make another one which is "I Hate Valentines day" [i will try to upload it here in newgrounds. i might say we improve a bit in this one.

Anywayz, as of now i'm actually looking for a cartoonist, i'm trying to bring up my so-called "A Studio Flash" . happy tree friends, crookedsixpence, nightmare city, Max jay studio and alot of best flashers out there inspired me alot. well, about the salary? sorry, i have to say no salary for this one YET. well who knows maybe it might be a success. again, i'm just doing this for fun. well, if you are interest to join up in the group feel free to email me or note me in deviantart.

[i really want to use newgrounds so much, but here in UAE newground is block] :(

till next time. cheers!


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2008-04-14 09:50:05

Why does UAE block Newgrounds?

angelkoh responds:

i have no idea, i keep asking them to unblock it. probably newgrounds have nudity or too violent? (that's mostly their excuse of blocking it) -_-


2008-05-28 18:11:29

hey there
i really enjoy your work
what other animations have you done?

<3 Growly

angelkoh responds:

hi!! first of all i would like to say i'm soooo sorry for the late reply,
and guess what! newgrounds isn't block here anymore, yay! *jumps happily* lol

what other animations i have done? well, my last one was the i hate valentines day.
we're still working for the halloween. and i'm still working on 1 cartoon series, (still gathering some people to help really). anywayz, i'm always updating my account in deviantart. if u have one, u can add me up. angelkoh11.deviantart.com